Monday, October 20, 2014

Art In the Vineyard 2014

View from the Bench
Available through Bench 1775 Winery

Last month was my annual Art in the Vineyard workshop in Naramata, BC.  I taught with the talented watercolorist, Sam Boehner for four wonderful days of plein air painting among the vines, still life painting all things wine, and all while enjoying a fabulous culinary experience at every meal. 
We had a great group of artists join us among the vines each day. The weather was mostly pleasant and the company was delightful. We had the opportunity to paint in 3 different vineyards over the 4 days. The first two were at Bench 1775 looking at the great view. Then we spent a day at Hillside Winery among their beautiful gardens (and enjoying the best dessert ever!). And finally we visited Serendipity Winery
Below are some photos from the event.

Looking across Okanagan Lake

Listening to Sam discuss still life while on the deck of Bench 1775 Winery

House Among the Vines

The view from Bench 1775 who is now carrying my paintings on their wall. Yay!

Painting on the porch of Serendipity Winery

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Moment in Paradise

A Moment in Paradise

         As I have mentioned in a previous post, I was inspired to try oils while on my trip to Mt. Washington. This past week I decided to paint a larger image of the area in oil. This is a view of the lake in Paradise Meadows. This piece will be on display November 7 at the Federation of Canadian Artists's Paint By Numbers Fundraiser. The Paint By Numbers event is an exciting evening of artists and patrons trying to grab the painting of their choice. Each patron has a number and is randomly called to choose a painting off the wall. It is slightly nerve-racking for the artist though. One hopes that their piece is not chosen last!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Blog Hopping

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by the very talented Nancy Goldman to be part of a Blog Hop. I was surprised to have received this invitation to be featured and to feature an artist whose work I greatly admire. I have been following Nancy's blog for years and she seems to have mastered water and waves in all different mediums.

Last week, Nancy featured me on her blog. Today I will be featuring her along with answering some questions about myself, then I will feature a couple of other artists.

Nancy Goldman

"I love to experiment with most mediums and styles of art.  I get bored easily and can’t imagine painting in just one style or medium.  My favorite medium is watercolor  and I enjoy glazing multiple layers of color to create the finished painting.  

Watercolor paintings have a luminosity that can’t be achieved with any other medium.   The transparency of the paints, along with the sedimentary qualities of some of the paint colors allow for a feeling of texture and light.  There are many techniques possible with watercolor, from loose and watery to tightly rendered paintings, which makes each new painting a wonderful adventure."

Nancy's work can be viewed on her website at
and on her blog at

Now to answer some questions about myself:

1. What am I currently working on?

I like to have several paintings on the go. I currently am working on an egg tempera of garlic, a watercolor of a cloudy sky, another watercolor of a night sky, and a small oil painting of Yellowstone. Since I teach so many classes in watercolor, I consider those paintings my day job (pretty good day job, wouldn't you say?) and the oils and egg tempera are for fun. So I tend to do those when I have an hour here or there (and there aren't many!)

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I'm not sure that it is that different. I do like color and use it liberally. These colors are layered and stacked to create more depth.  I also like detail, but not too much. My work is impressionistic with a touch of realism. One comment I receive the most about the watercolors I do is that people can't believe it is watercolor and I am able to get such depth and richness with the paint. 

3. Why do I create what I do?

There are so many reasons why I create what I do. Some I recognize and I am sure there are others that I am not fully aware of. I do know that I create because I love. I love the people around me, the feel of the air, the way the light hits a subject, the interplay between light and dark, the movement of clouds, the wind, and patterns. I love color, a scene, a moment. I love the paint I am using, the feel of the brush, and I especially love when I can say all of what I am feeling without having to speak a word. 

4. How does my creative process work?

I usually start with a photograph of a place or person that I have captured. Then I take that photograph into Photoshop and play with sizing and cropping, as well as adjust lighting and color. Photoshop becomes my sketchbook. Then I print it out, draw it out, and paint. Sometimes if I am having a hard time deciding between which photograph to work from, I will print out the images and put them in my studio. Then over the next few days, one of them will "speak" more to me than the other. That's when I know which painting needs to be done first. 

Now I will feature other really awesome artists.

Kathryn Ragan


Kathryn is a watercolorist that I started following several years ago. At the time I started following her blog, I didn't quite realize that she lived so close to Vancouver until I moved to Vancouver. Then one day Kathryn emailed me and mentioned getting together for a chat. We were instant friends. Kathryn's love of animals is evident in her paintings. 

Kathryn was born in Toronto, raised in Vancouver, and now makes her home in rural south Langley, British Columbia. Here she indulges in her passions of horseback riding and art. She studied sciences for six years at the University of British Columbia, and graduated with a diploma in dental hygiene. Though having always loved to draw and sketch, it was only over the past few years that Kathryn devoted herself to working with 

Kathryn is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and recently won second place in the “Works on Paper” show. Her work can be seen on her blog site, Studio at the Farm, and at Ballantyne Gallery.Kathryn is passionate about LIFE. As an artist, she brings ardor and technical proficiency to her creations, fashioning works that are realistic, vital and warm.

Angela Fehr

Angela is another Canadian artist from BC. She is a mother, artist, educator, and devout Christian. All of which I relate to very well. 

These are her thoughts on her art:
"There is something about beauty that demands a response. Hands clenched on the steering wheel, feverishly memorizing tone, texture; vivid hues of sun-streaked sky, grain splashed with cobalt shadow. From panorama to palette to paper, watercolour my voice, a transparent, fluid means of savouring the glory inherent in the spaces I occupy.A self-taught watercolour painter, over the last twenty years my art career has been rich and varied. In addition to painting and teaching watercolour in my studio and online, I’ve worked as a graphic artist, web site designer and freelance writer; served on the board of a local art society; shown my art in solo and group shows; taught art classes to children and adults; been featured in magazines, newspapers and web sites; and even been featured as a watercolour expert for a local television station. The world is full of exciting opportunities and new people to meet, learn from and enjoy, and I love to be a part of it all.

I'm a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Peace River Chapter), the Peace Watercolour Society and the South Peace Art Society.

In addition to painting, I teach paper crafting, homeschool my three children, support my husband in his business and love living on an acreage in northeastern British Columbia. It takes creativity to live a full and interesting life, and I love creating art every day!"

There are many treasures to be found on her site at
Thank you to all of these amazing artists for letting me feature them. I hope all of you enjoy reading about them and being inspired by their talent. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Plein Air Painting At Mt Washington

Study for Paradise Meadows

Last weekend I had a wonderful adventure plein air painting at Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island.
This adventure was planned by fellow artist and friend Perrin Sparks. Perrin invited several artists to join her for a weekend of painting, painting and more painting. I was also joined by artists and friends Sam Boehner, Marney-Rose Edge, and Audrey Bakewell. 
The weather was at times rainy and cold. This made for some dramatic skies as the clouds swirled over the mountaintops and fun moments as we had to quickly abandon our plein air masterpieces when the skies did open up. Because of this, I started many, but finished few. I was smart enough to take photos so I can later complete the scenes in the studio.
Here are a couple I did complete:

Passing Clouds Sketch
8.5 x 19"

Strata Mountain Study

Although I took my watercolors, Perrin and a few others inspired me to dip my brush back into my oil paints. When I returned home, I did just this and have completed a couple of small oils since (including the Paradise Meadows study).

Yellowstone Meadows Study

Friday, August 22, 2014

White Rock Exhibition

Siwash Rock
Stanley Park
Vancouver, BC

As many of you are aware, I had an exhibition of my work this past Sunday. It felt great to be back! I use to have studio tours twice every year when I lived in Victoria. Since moving to Vancouver 3 1/2 years ago and working on my degree, I haven't had an opportunity to show my work all in one place. A kind friend offered her home for me to hang my paintings and let our friends peruse through my private collection.
I met many new people and art lovers and felt like the day was a huge success. 
Thank you to all those that were able to make it and for your continued support.

That's me standing with several paintings and showing my video about my painting process.

My own pop-up gallery

More paintings as part of my pop-up gallery

Monday, August 11, 2014

Upcoming Private Exhibition and Sale

Into the Woods

This coming Sunday, August 17, I will be having a private exhibition and sale of my work at the home of one of my patrons in White Rock, BC.
I am excited for this event because it is my first solo show in nearly 4 years. Since my focus has been on completing my Masters degree, I haven't had a chance to show work from my own private collection until now. Several new and not previously seen pieces will be at the show and available for purchase.
If you are interested in attending the event and would like an invitation, please email me at I will be happy to send one along.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


acrylic on paper

I know I said in the past that I really don't like the look of acrylic. I felt like it was too plastic and didn't have the same movement and glow of watercolor. But that was before the acrylic paint making pros decided to try to make acrylic more like watercolor. So a few weeks ago, I decided to give some acrylic paints a try. 
Genesis is my first painting done with these newfangled acrylics.
The acrylics I used are from Chroma Paints and are of the Atelier Free Flow Line. I was amazed at how the paint did flow similar to watercolor when doing wet-in-wet. The paint even stayed wet in my palette for a very long time. The colors have a nice vibrancy to them and layer well.  Overall, I enjoyed painting with them and have ideas to use them even more.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Floating In A Cloud

Last weekend I taught a pouring workshop at the Metchosin International Summer School for the Arts at Pearson College in Metchosin, BC. Pearson College is a world college and is one of the most beautiful campuses I have seen. It is located on the southwestern tip of Vancouver Island with lush rainforest type foliage and gorgeous turquoise water.

My studio for the weekend was in the boathouse, which was appropriate since we painted boats.
I kept pinching myself while I was there, thinking, "Wow! this is my classroom! I love my job!"
I definitely feel blessed.

I had a wonderful group of 12 people, mostly from the area. 

Almost all of them did the boat along with me and they did a fabulous job! I hope that they are able to apply what they learned in the workshop to their own home studio practice.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Londonderry Barn

Londonderry, NH Barn

As many of you know, I have been into painting barns lately. This one is from Londonderry, New Hampshire. We lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for several years before moving to Canada. I left many wonderful friends behind. I miss the beauty of the place as well as the people. I think of it often and sometimes wonder what things would be like if we had not moved.  Perhaps more barn paintings like this one. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Art in the Vineyard, September 2014

For those of you that receive my newsletter, you will know that I will be teaching in the vineyards of British Columbia this September. This workshop will be plein air painting with me for part of the day and still life painting all things wine with Sam Boehner. We taught the course last fall and it was a huge success and had a wonderful time painting, eating, and tasting wine. 
This year, it is September 28- October 2. We will be painting in the vineyards around Naramata and Penticton, BC. This area is called the Okanagan and has a beautiful lake and is known for it's wine. It has become the Napa Valley of Canada.

If you would like to join us, there is an early bird special of $650/person based on double occupancy. This price is only available until July 1 (this coming Tuesday!). We will take checks that have been postmarked by that date. Only a $200 deposit is required to receive the early bird special. After July 1, the price goes up to $700/person based on double occupancy.

This price includes a 4 night stay at the Naramata Centre, breakfasts, lunches, wine tasting, and instruction. Dinners are on your own but we will be making reservations at a few choice restaurants. 

If you prefer to stay somewhere else, there is a workshop only fee available. More information and the registration form are above. If you have any other questions, you can email me at

Hope some of you can join us!

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